PHOTOS: Numbers growing for Fisker Karmas

Row of Fisker Karmas

Fisker’s inaugural electric car the Karma is supposed to reach its first customers in about two weeks — reportedly Leonardo di Caprio will get the first one, followed by Al Gore and Colin Powell. So the number of Fisker Karma’s that have been produced is starting to grow, and Fisker has posted these photos of its lined up Karmas on display.

The company tells me that these cars in the photos are “a mixture of cars for our Retailer Roadshow (44 cities, 104 days and 2,800 drives) and initial customer cars that will be delivered shortly.”

Yep, the early production numbers are low, and Fisker is only reportedly expecting to ramp production up to 300 a week in November. The launch has also been delayed significantly. But they are pretty cool looking, yes?


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