Want A Spotify Invite From Klout? The Magic Number Is…20

Can you get an early Spotify invitation? It all depends on how cool you are, or at least that’s what Klout wants you to think. The site, which seeks to provide a “measurement of your overall online influence” as a number between 0 and 100, teamed up with Spotify to offer invitations to “influencers.”

Right now, if you want a free Spotify membership, you can go here and sign up for Klout by connecting your Twitter or Facebook account. At first, based on my experience (I’ve had a Klout account for a couple years) and some informal office experimentation (among my coworkers who hadn’t previously used Klout), it appeared that anyone who signed up could also get a code for a Spotify account. But when I checked Klout’s Twitter page, I saw a tweet to someone who’d complained about not getting an invite: “You have to have a score of 20, keep working on your score and you just might get lucky!

Indeed, when I created a brand-new test Twitter account and then tried to link Klout to that account and get a Spotify invite, I received the following message:

Ouch! That’s pretty much a “you’re not cool enough for Spotify, but your more popular acquaintances might be!”

Anyway, I don’t know how many Twitter followers or Facebook friends you need to get a Klout score higher than 20, but it doesn’t appear to be too onerous if you’re using a real account instead of a newly created test one. In general, based on the experience in my office and with a few friends, it seems that most people who are already at least somewhat active on Twitter and Facebook are able to get Spotify invites when they sign up with Klout–suggesting that Klout’s partnership with Spotify was essentially designed to pull in new members and get attention. The threshold for being an “influencer” is low.

Yesterday Klout ran out of Spotify invites within a few hours–after giving away 15,000 to 20,000 of them, Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told VentureBeat. Fernandez also said to CNET that Klout had planned on thirty times its regular amount of traffic yesterday, but demand was greater than either Klout or Spotify had expected and “things just kind of started falling over.” Today, though, the promo is up and running again–and appears to still be going strong at the time of this writing. Everything went smoothly on my end, but a peek at Klout’s Twitter page suggests that the process isn’t working perfectly for everyone who’s tried to sign up.

At any rate, I’ve reached out to Klout to ask how many people signed up today and yesterday and how many Spotify invites were distributed–and I also asked how many Klout users have a score of 20 that would unlock Spotify access. I’ll update this post if I hear back. And now, I suppose, I’ll go give my new Spotify account a try.