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Al Gore turns to live stream & extreme weather for new movement

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Al Gore is turning to the intersection of digital media and extreme weather to launch a new social movement around fighting climate change. It’s called the Climate Reality Project, and the first event will live stream content that shows how extreme weather has affected people’s lives. The event will take place on September 14 and 15.

Last week I wrote about how the 24-7 Internet and news cycle of extreme weather events, combined with social media, could potentially finally offer the spark needed for a green web movement around fighting climate change. What do you think? Will you watch this event?

4 Responses to “Al Gore turns to live stream & extreme weather for new movement”

  1. “Man made climate change is uncontroversial”. Sounds like “the earth is the centre of the universe”.. This is religious dogma, not science. Beware the high priest Al Gore.

  2. In the winter it’s a cyclical variation when it’s below zero but in the summer when over a hundred it’s just gotta be global warming doesn’t it? Al Gore for anything posthumos

  3. Honestly, I think the last thing we need is Al Gore back at being the face of climate change. As Tom Friedman mentioned in “Hot, Flat and Crowded,” his political persona distracts from the issue of climate change and solutions. Makes it hard for the issue to become more mainstream and thus get more attention when most people associate Al Gore with political liberalism and thus will wrongly assume that climate change is just a liberal thing (the media coverage won’t help either). I may be wrong, but somehow I wish there was a different sort of champion, no offense to Al Gore for all his efforts.