Video: News Of The World Editor’s Final Speech To Staff


Credit: Belfast Boy

This video — of News Of The World editor Colin Myler, addressing the staff of the paper for the very last time, last Saturday after the paper was put to bed — might be the kind of footage that people will watch and parse looking for more angles and clues to what has gone on at News International. But it is also a sign of the teamwork and effort that had gone into the newspaper that was closed down by the News Corp-owned publisher in the wake of huge scandals around phone hacking — and, it seems, much more.

“It’s not a place that we wanted to be and it’s absolutely not a place we deserved to be,” he tells staff in the video. “It’s been a difficult journey for all of us. Very difficult.” Some will move on from this, but for some it doesn’t look like the closure of the paper will close the door on that difficulty.

There is a lot of double-meaning you can read into his words, probably unintended: “I don’t think we’ve even had a chance to digest what we’ve done, and who we’ve become,” he says at one point, in reference to the long legacy of the newspaper.

Today, News International announced that the final edition of the paper sold 3.8 million copies, 1.1 million more than the previous week. NOTW, which had taken down the paywall for its website after announcing the closure of the title, has now given over the URL to a page that offers readers a copy of the paper, plus a copy of the very first edition of NOTW (reprinted), for £2.95. £1 of that will go to charity, and the rest is for postage and handling.

Watch the video for yourself below.

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