Servers are like money, you’ll always need more

We give Intel (s intc) a lot of flack here at GigaOM for not being mobile enough or low power enough for scale out computing, but the chipmaker is doing all right in the server category. Jason Waxman, the general manager of Intel’s high density compute business says the growth rate of servers is on a roll– growing about 7 percent and that growth rate will double in the next five years.

In the video below I spoke with Waxman, about the ever-growing need for servers and how we can sustain that kind of demand for compute. He didn’t spend much time on power efficiency but he did predict a coming era of facial recognition and video search driven by more compute power. We also discussed the server architecture debate that has led to the creation of startups such as SeaMicro, Calxeda and Tilera, which are rethinking the ways servers and chips for servers are built.