Erica Ogg and Colleen Taylor join GigaOM

Erica Ogg - feature image

Erica OggWe have some good news for a slow news day. Erica Ogg, from CNET News, is joining the GigaOM team in about a week to head up our Apple coverage. I’ve known Erica for years, having first met her at a PR dinner when we both worked for CNET (now CBS Interactive). I quickly learned that she is a smart thinker, someone who looks at technology with a healthy curiosity as well as dose of skepticism to see how these innovations dreamed up by engineers will actually fit into people’s lives.

Erica is a reporter’s reporter, just the kind of writer we like to have here at GigaOM (check out the story she broke on a recent hacker attack against Sony). But she’s also very much a new media person, blending her smart perspective on tech, her love of mac ‘n’ cheese, and her enduring loyalty to the Dodgers on Twitter: @ericainsf.

Colleen TaylorAnd, while I’m at it, I’ll belatedly announce the addition of Colleen Taylor to our reporting team. Based in San Francisco, Colleen covers local startups and social media companies. A former reporter for the Financial Times’ Merger Market, Colleen is also an entrepreneur, having started two video-related businesses. About a week into her time here at GigaOM, she had already launched the elevator pitch video format. Follow her on Twitter: @loyalelectron.

We’re thrilled to have both Erica and Colleen on our team.


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