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Apple Says App Downloads Have Passed The 15 BILLION Mark

HP (NYSE: HPQ) may be pushing the theory that “size doesn’t matter“. But if it so happens that it does, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is killing the competition. The company just now has announced that it has had 15 billion downloads of iOS apps since launching its app store. The milestone comes just one month after it announced 14 billion downloads at its Worldwide Developers’ Conference in June.

Apple also notes in its release that there are now more than 200 million iOS users in 90 countries worldwide, if you combined users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch products.

Doing a bit of math, that works out to around 75 apps per device.

Some figures came out in May that estimated the number of apps Apple has had in the app store at half a million (taking into account all apps that have been approved, even if they are no longer live). Now we have a more concrete number from Apple itself on how many apps are available today: 425,000. Of that, an astonishing 100,000 have been either optimized or created specifically for the iPad tablet, putting it well ahead of any competition from Android-based tablet makers, RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) or indeed HP.

Today’s release did not give details on how free apps compared to paid in terms of those 15 billion downloads. Apple says it has paid developers more than $2.5 billion in commission to date. That means that apps in total have grossed more than $8.3 billion in revenues. That gives an average revenue per app (ARPA?) of $1.80.

2 Responses to “Apple Says App Downloads Have Passed The 15 BILLION Mark”

  1. Chris_91504

    $8.3 B app stores revenues is incorrect, it should be $3.57B since Apple
    gives out 70% of the gross app sales to developers. The ARPA comes to $0.24

  2. 15 Billion apps and only $2.5 Billion paid out? That’s a pretty sad story. Works out to $0.1666 per app download for each developer. I’ve not doubt that’s a worse payout than the poor Chinese workers slaving away in Apple’s contracted factories in China. Yes Apple have not announced how free download to paid apps compare…but rather typical of the usual Apple being less then liberal with the true facts…