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Outlook Attachment Reminder: Never forget to include an attachment again

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One of my favorite Gmail (s goog) features is the forgotten attachment detector, which monitors the text of outgoing email and issues a warning if it thinks you intended to include an attachment but have forgotten to. If you use Outlook (s msft), you can get similar functionality usingĀ  CodeTwo’s nifty Outlook Attachment Reminder, a configurable free plugin that scans the text of outgoing email when you hit the send button for certain key phrases, such as “attached” and “see file”. If one of the key phrases is present in the email and an attachment is not, the plugin pops up a window to alert you and allow you to attach a file before sending.

Unlike Gmail’s forgotten attachment reminder, CodeTwo’s plugin is user-configurable. You can add to or modify the list of keywords it looks for, alter the text of the alert, and you can also opt to have the application scan the email body, subject line or both (the default). Handily, Outlook Attachment Reminder only scans material you write, so if you compose a reply and the quoted original message includes one or more of the keywords the program looks for, it won’t trigger an alert.

Outlook Attachment Reminder is freeware and can be downloaded from the CodeTwo website.

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