Google Videos coming to Android phones any day now?

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Google’s (s GOOG) video rental service for Android devices could be available on a wider set of devices soon: Android enthusiasts spotted the Google Videos app on the Market this weekend, with some being able to download it before Google took it down again (hat tip to Engadget). One of the readers of Androidcentral was able to shoot the following video of the app running on his Nexus S, which refused to actually play any of the content:

Google launched its Android movie store at its Google I/O conference in early May, saying at the time that Android phones with version 2.2 would be able to access the service within a few weeks. The service was rolled out to the Motorola Xoom in mid-June. A Google spokesperson didn’t have any updates on the timing of a wider roll-out when contacted by us today.

Users can already access the service on the web to stream rentals, but the Android app promises movie downloads that can be played without network connection. One of the possible reasons for the delay of the app is the DRM necessary to power such a download service. Companies like Netflix (s NFLX) have in the past struggled with bringing DRM to the wide variety of devices within the Android ecosystem.

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Android apps are free for a reason. Android is great if you want to have a red ball for a ‘live wallpaper’ or enjoy playing a tic Tac toe game that was created over 2 days by three koreans intent on learning your GPS position and personal phone number.

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