Alki David Drops CNET Lawsuit; Vows to Bring ‘Expanded’ Action

FilmOn founder Alki David has dropped his copyright infringement lawsuit against CBS (NYSE: CBS) and its CNET division for distributing Limewire file-sharing software, according to court filings. The move comes after the plaintiffs could only produce six works they say were infringed by CNET. But David, who is locked in a feud with CBS, vowed to return to court with a “substantially” expanded suit.

David had sued CBS and CNET, saying that CNET’s had facilitated the distribution of Limewire, a popular file-sharing program that was hit by an injunction last year. In May, Limewire and its creator, Mark Gorton, agreed to pay $105 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the major record labels against the service.

David, a producer, actor and musician, has a history of bad blood with CBS. His company, UK-based FilmOn, was sued by CBS and other major networks after he started broadcasting their programming over the internet without a license. Last November, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against the company.

One month later, David lashed out at CBS in a YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) video, saying “we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to fight you,” and calling senior company executives including CBS CEO Les Moonves, “a bunch of hypocritical, thieving liars.”

In May, David made good on his threat and sued CBS, which dismissed the lawsuit, calling it “a desperate attempt to distract copyright holders like us from continuing our rightful claims.” Monday, David dropped the suit, as first reported by

But David isn’t done. In the court filling, David said he has been approached by “numerous artists and other copyright owners” about joining the lawsuit. As a result, the plaintiffs intend to “substantially expand and change the current suit” and “proceed on the basis of the amended suit instead of the current complaint.”

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