CloudFloor could be a security blanket for the cloud

Imad Mouline Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

The folks behind Gomez, a company that offered web site performance data and sold to Compuware (s cpwr) in 2009, have returned with another Software-as-a-Service product based on performance, but this time, they’re trying to assure executives of the quality and business worthiness of their cloud investments. CloudFloor, which launched at Structure 2011 last month, has raised $3.1 million from undisclosed investors to build out its SaaS-based product.

CloudFloor, which was founded last year, came out of stealth mode to show off CloudControl, its software which purports to show both IT workers and business managers how their cloudy assets are performing against business goals. The software tracks a variety of metrics such as the cost per instance and the uptime of all your cloud assets and could help bridge the gulf between IT and business that exists today.

However, I’m curious given that much of that gulf exists because when a company owns its own infrastructure it’s sometimes harder for IT to justify the expenses that can go into keeping the infrastructure running. Once that infrastructure is outsourced, paying those hidden costs disappears (or is factored into the price of the service) and the business doesn’t have a hard a time weighing the value of that service for the price. Still, CloudFloor can help business ensure they aren’t paying for unused instances and might be the security blanket executives need to greenlight a cloud deployment.