The Bestsellers: Seth Godin’s Imprint Bundles E-Book With 200 Free Songs

Marketing guru Seth Godin created a new imprint, The Domino Project, in partnership with Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) as a vehicle to experiment with pricing, promotion and other aspects of publishing. The Domino Project’s latest title, Anything You Want by CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, aims to hook consumers with 200 free MP3s when they buy the book.

The book is currently #28 on the paid Kindle bestseller list.

The Domino Project focuses on “manifestos”–“designed to be short and approachable by the majority of the population that doesn’t ordinarily seek out books as a source for information.” Anything You Want, a business/self-help book, is 88 pages long.

Domino Project e-books are available exclusively through the Amazon Kindle store. Amazon also distributes print versions of the books into bookstores, and sells them as digital audiobooks on Audible and as regular audiobooks.

One of the Domino Project’s goals is to experiment with pricing. The hardcover edition of Anything You Want is also available as a five-pack “for sharing” ($39.99) and 52-pack for organizations and events ($349.99). 100 copies of the book were also available as a “very limited edition collectible,” and they’ve all sold out, Seth Godin told me.

Anyone who buys the book gets a free download code for over 200 songs from indie artists, selected by Sivers and available through his website. Sivers is also creating 10 animated videos to accompany the chapters of the book, and they’ll be available through his website for the next two weeks.

Of the four Domino Project titles released to date, Godin said, “every one made the Top 10 list…We have many more titles in the works and have no precise plans for how long the process goes on. Each time, we’re going to try to push one boundary or another. The main goal is to experiment in a way that will give the publishing industry confidence to start shifting and testing and getting books into the hands of people who want to read them.”

Other publishers have also experimented with e-book special offers. Algonquin is currently running a promotion that allows readers who buy a trade paperback in Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) to get a $3 e-book. Open Road is running a summer promotion across e-bookstores. And the Amazon Kindle’s “Sunshine Deals” discounted e-books from multiple publishers to prices between $0.99 and $2.99.

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