Disharmony In Twitter-Land? FTC Has Questions For Company’s Developers

First Google (NSDQ: GOOG), now Twitter-federal antitrust authorities are showing great interest in the tech sector these days. New reports of an antitrust investigation against Twitter have raised questions about the micro-blogging service’s relationship with its developers.

Unlike the FTC investigation into Google, which looks like it will be wide-ranging, the inquiry over Twitter will be narrow in scope, according a report in the Wall Street Journal (NSDQ: NWS).

Both the FTC and Twitter have declined to comment on the reports. One company that has at least acknowledged it has been contacted by the FTC is UberMedia, the premier maker of platforms that operate on Twitter’s software.

UberMedia didn’t say much about it, but CNN quotes a few different developers describing an increasingly tense relationship. One said: “As a developer you basically have no idea what is and is not allowable,” one anonymous Twitter developer told CNN. “Is it fair for Twitter to selectively target some of its developers for more literal interpretations of the API license terms, while being lax to others who are not being perceived as potential threats or competitors in areas that Twitter wants for themselves?”

Twitter has recently been rolling out some of its own services that interact with the micro-blogging platform, like its own URL shortener and its own photo-sharing tool. It also acquired TweetDeck, one of the most popular Twitter apps.

Meanwhile, The Hill reports that Google has hired no less than 12 lobbying firms to help it convince policymakers it’s not a bad actor when it comes to antitrust.