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The tale of two IPOs: cleantech vs social media

Updated. Companies that make online games, social networks, and web coupons seem to be able to raise a lot more money in IPOs right now than companies that make energy technology, greener transportation, and biofuels.  Zynga’s reported potential $2 billion raise could deliver Zynga five times Tesla’s combined IPO and follow-on offering. If Groupon raises at least $750 million, it would bring in more than the IPOs of Amyris (s amrs), KiOR (s kior), Gevo (s gevo), and Zipcar (s zip), and the planned IPOs of  EnphaseEnergy and Luca Technologies combined. It’s kind of sad, actually.

Greentech IPOs

Company Sector Size of IPO (or planned IPO)
Amyris Greentech/biofuels $84.8 million
KiOR Greentech/biofuels $150 million
Gevo Greentech/biofuels $95.7 million
Enphase Energy Greentech/solar Planned up to $100 million
Luca Technologies Greentech/natural gas Planned up to $125 million
BrightSource Greentech/solar Planned $250 million
Zipcar Greentech/car sharing $174 million
Tesla (s tsla) Greentech/electric car $226 million in an IPO, and $152.43 million in a follow-in offering
Solazyme (s szym) Greentech/biofuels $198 million

Social media IPOs that have happened or are planned:

Company Sector Size of IPO (or planned IPO)
LinkedIn (s lnkd) Social media $352.8 million
Pandora Social media/music $235 million
Zynga Social media/gaming Estimated as much as $2 billion.
Groupon Social media/online coupons Potentially $750 million or more.
Kayak Social media/travel $50 million (not every one is huge)
Facebook Social media If it ever IPOs, a heck of a lot

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6 Responses to “The tale of two IPOs: cleantech vs social media”

  1. agreed, there is no metric for comparison here. IPO amount does not equal company valuation. once you have company valuation, then comparing that to revenue is interesting. p/e ratio.

  2. albert

    Would like to see your charts expanded to include a revenue column. Viewed in the light of real revenue and profits, I don’t think the valuation differences are that irrational.

  3. I love this use of the Twins pic and get that the cleantechies are supposed to be dinky, but in real life Cleantech people are better looking and generally more hale.

    Also would love to see an addition metric column, something like: tons of CO2 avoided or some other measure other than dollars to contrast the real world impact of a company like KiOR with that of Zynga. Which will look more important in 100-200 years I wonder?