Charting MySpace: The End Of An Era


Credit: AP Images

Maybe the second time’s a charm? MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) has been bought by ad network Specific Media with Justin Timberlake as an owner and a role in developing creative direction and strategy. On this second sale, the price tag was $35 million — only a few hundred million short of the $580 million News Corp paid for in 2005 and a paltry amount compared to the $6 billion Rupert Murdoch once claimed it was worth. Below, we’ve updated our MySpace timeline (which was first published in January), showing the highs and lows of once-giant social network from launch to today’s sale.



It is amazing New Corps gave up on the property.  To me it shows their lack of strategy.  My Space at least offers connections to potential revenue.  Justin and the boys got a hell of deal if you ask me.  Will be interesting to see how it works out.  I am not sure there is that much room at the top.

David G. Slater

I think the era ended some time ago. This is just trading the bones of a corpse. On a side note, I know this is just a blurb, but this piece is begging for an editor.

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