Today in Social

At last, Google’s social efforts begin to bear fruit. Om has the scoop on Google+, a new hub for social activities. He likes that it’s designed to support mobile – which might be Google’s best chance to gain traction against Facebook – and he’s particularly fond of its video chat capabilities and a feature for group messaging. Over at TechCrunch, MG Siegler thinks Google+ is Buzz done right. I’m intrigued by what Google calls “Circles,” which looks like a better way of doing Facebook Groups, that is, setting up circles of friends within your network that can be based on context – interests, family, geography, etc. Likewise users can create “Sparks” or topical feeds for organizing in or outside of Circles. As Om says, Google still lacks social DNA, and other than supporting +1 buttons, Google+ seems oddly unconnected to search. Google will try to encourage adoption by +-izing all its sites with a prominent sharing toolbar. What do you think, should Facebook be worried?