ESPN3 goes down during Wimbledon, Women’s World Cup


Updated: Bad timing for ESPN3: (s DIS) Team USA is facing off against North Korea in the Women’s World Cup, and Maria Sharapova just earned a spot in the semifinals in Wimbledon. However, neither game has been available for streaming on ESPN3’s website, because the broadband sports network has been suffering an outage this morning. An ESPN3 spokesperson acknowledged the outage when contacted by GigaOM, commenting via email:

“We’re aware of issues with, and we’re working to resolve them ASAP. I don’t have an ETA for you at this time.”

He added that the outage wasn’t caused by traffic issues or hackers, but didn’t go into further details.

We’ll update this post as soon as we hear more. In the mean time, please share in the comments: Is the network working for you on connected or mobile devices?

Update (1:35pm PT): ESPN3’s website is back up. Let us know in the comments if you still have issues with the live stream.



ESPN3 went down again with about 10 minutes to go in the 2nd half of the quarterfinal Women’s World Cup game today between the US and Brasil. It game back up later during the overtime.


Trying to watch the Brasil game from the Women’s World Cup but ESPN3 is down again. Was up last night for the WNBA games.


Trying to watch the Brasil game from the Women’s World Cup, but ESPN3 is down again. Site was back up last night for WNBA games.


It’s been acting flaky for 4 days now. I’ve resorted to and to watch Wimbledon, but only live.


ESPN3 went down the other day when the US U17 world cup game was on and I called and got the response- “We are updating our servers”. I said “On a Saturday afternoon/evening”? “Yes”. Me- “Do you have an ETA for when the service might be up again”? “No”.


It’s 15:52 ET and the site is still down. Tried several different links, but each one is down. Haven’t tried mobile.

This is the first time the site has been down in my experience. Been using it for several years, and it’s been great. Hope they resolve the issues permanently. Would be very disappointing to see this become a regular re-occurrence.

Jack Carson

Would totally suck if the CWS game isn’t streamed tonight.


Yeah, what a bunch of crap, SOMEONE should lose their job because I couldn’t use a free service to watch something on my computer instead of doing work at work. What poor, free, service!

Upset, a bit, but I’ll watch the replay and avoid the news.


It’s not free. You pay for this service through your internet service provider (such as Comcast).


worked on my son’s xbox, rushed home from work to catch 2nd half of world cup. espn3 is a great service!!


….espn3 going down during women’s world cup and tennis should cost someone their jobs….. what poor service!!!


The only way I was able to watch the game was by using going to through my VPN. Otherwise I was geo-blocked.

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