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Cord Cutters: Supercharging your Boxee browser

Navigating the Boxee Box browser with the device’s remote control can be a pain, but things are getting much easier with the new Boxee remote control app for iOS (s AAPL) devices. Check it out in this week’s Cord Cutters quick tip:

Show notes for this episode:

  • The Boxee remote control app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can be downloaded for free on the iTunes app store.
  • The app can also be used to control Boxee installations on your laptop or HTPC.
  • Check out our original Boxee Box review.

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9 Responses to “Cord Cutters: Supercharging your Boxee browser”

  1. Marc-André Mongeon

    @John Deszell: There IS a keyboard in the iOS Boxee Remote app. When you’re focused on a text box on the Boxee, you should see the keyboard on your iPod/iPhone.

  2. I commented on Boxee’s Facebook post but wanted more people to see this. Please pretty please add a keyboard to the iPhone app (might as well do Android too). Would make typing sooo much easier. The remote is nice, but seeing the keys in the dark is impossible. Plus I can type way faster on my iPhone.

  3. Last I checked there are more android phones than iphones… why not focus on doing an app like this for android? Atleast on some of the latest os’.

  4. Cool. I have been using a Mouse App like this to control my PC2TV connection. Do you know if you can install other browsers on the Boxee Box? Or are users limited to using the Boxee Browser?