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This is what iMessage for OS X could look like (if we’re lucky)

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Toronto-based interactive user experience design firm teehan+lax have created an awesome look at what iMessage could become, if Apple truly wants to bring iOS (s aapl) and OS X together. In a blog post today, the company posted mock-ups of what iMessage might look like running in OS X, as well as concept designs for a smart Push Notification system that would feed all your phone’s activity to your desktop.

The visuals related to how information might be streamed from your iPhone to your Mac is like something out of my dreams made real. Connected devices would be┬árepresented┬áby an icon in your OS X menu bar, and everything from calls, to text message, to FaceTime requests would appear as they arrived in a Growl-notification type window in the corner of your Mac screen. Icons let you know at a glance what type of call or message you’re receiving, and you can take and make calls, plus read and respond to messages right from OS X, over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, according to the teehan+lax concept design.

iMessage is presented by the design firm basically as built-in feature of OS X mail, and it appears pretty much as it does in iOS 5 on the iPad. Putting it right in the OS X is a stroke of genius, but I’d also love an option to break it out and use it more like a separate IM client, while we’re all imagining things.

The post at teehan+lax goes into more detail about each feature, so be sure to check it out in full when you get a chance. Any additional features you’d recommend for greater iPhone/OS X integration?

4 Responses to “This is what iMessage for OS X could look like (if we’re lucky)”

  1. Aaron Berk

    BuddyPop ( has done a great job with this for years with SMS and non-iPhones. Basically, when you receive a text, it pops up a window on your computer which you can reply to…from your computer. It was the biggest thing I missed when moving to the iPhone and the inability to do this. If this functionality were to be brought back with iMessage, it would be amazing!