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The Killing appears on Xfinity Online. Will more AMC shows follow?

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A few episodes from popular AMC series The Killing have popped up on Comcast’s Xfinity TV (s CMCSA) online service, which could mean that other shows, like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or hit Mad Men could follow when their new series begin.

The final three full episodes of The Killing‘s inaugural season are now available on Comcast’s online service for subscribers who might have missed out on the conclusion of the critically acclaimed cop drama. While hardly a trove of new content, to our knowledge this is the first time that AMC has made full-length content available as part of the TV Everywhere portal.

The idea behind TV Everywhere is that subscribers who pay for cable will get access to on-demand content from channels they subscribe to online (and increasingly on mobile and connected devices). AMC was one of the first networks to announce its participation in Comcast’s TV Everywhere initiative, but so far, full-length shows have been slow to appear on the Xfinity Online portal. While it has added some short-form and promotional clips to the Comcast site, until now, most of those clips are the same content that’s available on the

AMC parent Rainbow Media, currently a subsidiary of Cablevision, (s CVC) plans to spin out of the cable provider later this year. In addition to AMC, Rainbow Media also owns IFC, the Sundance Channel, WE and Wedding Central. A quick look through their channels on Xfinity Online show more full-length episodes becoming available: For instance, shows like IFC’s Dinner With the Band and Young Broke & Beautiful now have episodes available for subscribers, as well as Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts and Man Shops Globe.

But the big question for fans of AMC drama is whether or not the availability of episodes from The Killing means that other popular programs from the network — like Breaking Bad or Mad Men — will soon find their shows online. Up until now, the only way to watch episodes from those shows online was through VOD service like Apple’s iTunes. (s AAPL) (I know because I’ve bought Season Passes for both from iTunes over the last several seasons.) Breaking Bad‘s season premieres July 17, and could be the first big test to see if AMC is committed to making more full-length shows available through TV Everywhere services.

That said, even if those programs don’t show up on TV Everywhere portals from Comcast and others, they could become available through other online services. For instance, episodes of Mad Men will soon become available on Netflix, (s NFLX) as part of a deal it struck with Lionsgate, which produces the series.

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