MocoSpace Reaches 20 Million User Milestone, Launches New Games


These days the words “social network” are all but synonymous with Facebook, but there are a number of other players, especially on mobile, that have established themselves, albeit on a significantly smaller scale. One of these, MocoSpace, today announces that it’s reached a milestone of 20 million users and is launching four new mobile games, the product of a new fund it started to boost HTML5 content production.

That is not to say that there are 20 million active users on the site. MocoSpace, which is largely used by young people in the U.S. around services like chat, casual gaming and music sharing, tells mocoNews that it only has around one million daily users.

The games — Cage Fighter from New Game Town, In the Club from Upgraded Studios, and Goosy Avatar and Goosy Pets from CelanderUS — mark MocoSpace’s continued move into the social gaming space, allowing users to connect to their existing friends and to make new friends through gameplay. They are a product of the company’s drive to create more HTML5 content that can be accessed independent of apps, an initiative it started back in February with a $1 million fund to fund developers’ HMTL5 initiatives.

Established in 2005, MocoSpace is one of the oldest companies in the area of mobile social networking. Although it started out on feature phones, it says that these days it has no users accessing it via java, with most using the mobile web or apps. The main driver right now for usage seems to be smartphone platform rather than apps versus web: in research it conducted of 1,500 smartphone users in April, it found that those accessing the site from Android devices were playing many more games than iPhone users. On Android, 77 percent of male users and 82 percent of female users, compared to 23 percent of male users and 18 percent of female users on iPhones, and that was across both apps and web access.

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