With Terremark, Verizon’s cloud isn’t “one size fits all”

Bob Toohey - President, Verizon Business - Structure 2011
After purchasing Terremark in January for $1.4 billion, Verizon(s vz) today announced an expanded suite of cloud infrastructure services for the enterprise market. While Verizon had its own Infrastructure-as-a-Service, pairing up the company’s vast broadband network with Terremark’s existing infrastructure enables nearly 50 data centers with fast connections. This makes for a combination that allows Verizon to offer a wide range of cloud services to companies looking to replace various in-house data center activities with scalable cloud services.

Speaking Thursday at the GigaOM Structure event, Bob Toohey, President of Verizon Business, focused on what Terremark brings to Verizon saying, “there is no one size fits all cloud solution. Many enterprises are looking for flexibility and movement between private, public and hybrid clouds.” Toohey’s comments echo those of a survey released yesterday, indicating that 60 percent of businesses plan for some type of hybrid cloud approach and require the need to easily move data and solutions between different cloud offerings.

By controlling the pipe that connect business with the cloud, Verizon appears to have an advantage over competitors that must rely on others to provide the network infrastructure. But such control doesn’t mean customers of Verizon’s cloud services are locked in to a specific solution. While VMWare is a primary Verizon partner, Toohey understands that data flexibility is appealing. “If a customer is looking for different solutions, we’ll offer the pros and cons, but we won’t lock them in to VMWare.”

While the important moving parts of Verizon’s cloud solution are now in place, there’s still work to be done. Toohey said that the I.T. on-demand model is still evolving and the company must focus on how to put cloud capabilities into business’s hands. And the challenge doesn’t stop there because many I.T. shops and CIO’s are still concerned about being trapped in a cloud solution. To that end, Verizon is looking into the next layer of cloud apps in order to give customers more control to alleviate their fears.