OH: Trends, tweets and food for thought at Structure 2011

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GigaOM’s Structure conference was the place to be if your business has a stake in cloud computing — and who hasn’t these days? The popularity of cloud storage, cloud networking and cloud computing may explain why the event was sold out and why thousands more viewed the conference proceedings through our livestream.

Over the two days, a number of trends and topics to watch out for in the coming months emerged, ranging from the importance of SSD for cloud storage to the proposal of completely new networking architectures to the magic of OpenFlow. Memorable moments included Simon Crosby, CTO, datacenter and cloud division, Citrix Systems, taking the stage almost immediately after announcing that he was leaving the company to start Bromium, a cloud security company, as well as Amazon CTO Werner Vogels telling the audience that it is still day one for cloud technologies:

“Almost on a yearly basis we see ‘cloud’ evolving more. We definitely see customers building more and more sophisticated applications. As such it is still day one. There is a lot of work to be done.”

But what better way would there be to sum up a conference about the cloud that through the (excuse the pun) birds-eye perspective? Check out some of our favorite tweets from the event:

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Steve Ardire

> Amazon CTO Werner Vogels telling the audience that it is still day one

Much better to say ‘its a new dawn’ like Grace Slick said at Woodstock 1969 ;)

“Alright Friends, you have seen the heavy groups, now you will see the morning maniac music. Then she walks out to the stage with the music playing louder and she yells, Good Morning People. Believe me, it’s a new dawn”.

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