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AT&T says cloud & mobile made for each other

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John Stankey - President and CEO, AT&T Business Solutions - Structure 2011AT&T isn’t going after Amazon or Microsoft with its cloud computing offerings. But the company does see a natural intersection between the cloud and its business of infrastructure and managed service and mobility, said John Stankey, AT&T’s president and CEO of business solutions.

Stankey, who appeared at the GigaOM Structure conference, said AT&T will leave the “commodity” cloud business to others, focusing instead on opportunities where business customers would like to tap its network infrastructure or leverage its virtual private networks for better security, storage, remote compute power or other services. Stankey earlier today also announced a renewed content delivery network effort today at the conference to add to its cloud portfolio.

While AT&T also increasingly has the ability to go it alone, the company is looking to work alongside others like IBM and Accenture and can integrate its offering with other cloud providers, Stankey said. The point is to see where it can add significant value to customers who want to use the cloud — without necessarily trying to be a complete solution.

“We want to be in position to find segments where we’re already there and already doing business,” he said. “But we don’t think we’ll be all things to all people.”

Stankey wouldn’t say how big the cloud opportunity is for AT&T though he said he is loathe to get involved in areas that aren’t worth a billion dollars. The company has been upping its investment in the cloud, announcing last month that it will spend nearly $1 billion this year on deploying next-generation cloud services.

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4 Responses to “AT&T says cloud & mobile made for each other”

    • PacoBell

      I say “effective” because nobody who remembers paying $30/mo for unlimited before will find it palatable to now fork over $25/mo + $10/GB. I know I don’t. Hence, there is a chilling effect to stay below the 2GB soft cap.