Alfresco Team offers open source collaboration for enterprises

Small- to mid-sized companies that create content collaboratively have a number of key needs, including the ability to edit, share and collaborate on files while keeping the team updated with the latest versions.

Alfresco Team is an open-source, professional tool for content collaboration that enters the sharing and collaboration market with enterprise-oriented social and security features not found in some Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

Getting more social with collaboration

Alfresco Team’s “dashboard portal” revolves around content and the development, sharing, collaboration and tracking of large amounts of content and managing workflow. Content can include business documents from  Microsoft (s msft) Word, Excel and PowerPoint; image files from Adobe (s adbe) Illustrator and Photoshop; and even audio and video. The portal can be used by such groups as advertising teams working on ad copy and graphics, or creative teams managing video production, from script to storyboard to final edit.

Alfresco Team includes social features to increase interactions between team members, such as: the ability to “Like” and comment on content, a threaded discussion board and an activity stream to track what has been done to a file by each team member that has access. Alfresco Team also captures the dialogue around file collaboration that can often be missed.

Alfresco Team offers real-time collaboration around content using a smooth integration with Google Docs. Files can be “checked out” to Google Docs (s goog), and team members can be given access for real-time content collaboration. When the document is checked back in to Alfresco Team, the file’s version number is updated.

Secure mobile access for iOS

As more companies are considering providing their teams with tablet computers, but are concerned about security issues, Alfresco Team has addressed this issue by releasing a native iOS app (s aapl). On the iPhone, the app can take photos or make audio or video recordings and securely add them directly into the Alfresco Team system. The iPad version provides fast, secure access to documents and files on the server; iPad 2 users can also capture images, audio and video.

Alfresco Team is available for $199 per user per year, or 10 users for $1,990 per year. Teams from 10 to 200 team members get a reduced rate of $79 per year per user. Teams of five or fewer users can deploy the software for free either on their own server, on an Amazon EC2 (s amzn) account, or even on a computer desktop.

How are you managing the sharing, collaboration and tracking of large amounts of content amongst your team?