Some Mileage Yet In MeeGo? Intel Adds MeeGo Tablet Apps To Its App Store

Yesterday’s news that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has finally launched a handset built on MeeGo was one vote in favor of the OS, and here’s another: Intel, the other big partner behind MeeGo, has done a deal with Polar Mobile to add more MeeGo apps, specifically for tablets, into its AppUp app storefront.

Polar Mobile, which has developed apps for publishers such as Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX), Conde Nast, CBS (NYSE: CBS) Sports and Sports Illustrated, says that it will be porting at least 80 of its current catalog of 750 apps into Intel AppUp.

Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Polar Mobile, tells mocoNews that the content is specifically intended for tablets running on the MeeGo OS, not for smartphones. Polar already provides content for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The news comes one day after Nokia finally unveiled its first MeeGo handset, the N9 smartphone. But while there have been a lot of positive words about that handset, many believe it might end up being Nokia’s one and only shot: originally the company had intended to develop handsets and tablets on the platform — which was jointly developed by Nokia and Intel (NSDQ: INTC). But Nokia has more recently distanced itself from MeeGo as it looks to shift more of its handsets to the Windows Phone platform from Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT).

A graphic leaked yesterday seemed to indicate an ever-shrinking commitment to the platform from Nokia.

Meanwhile, there has been precious little MeeGo device news up to now — and almost nothing about tablets. The most notable gadget, apart from the N9, has been the Acer Iconia 500 tablet that appeared at Computex in May 2011 (that’s the grainy picture here). There have also been rumors that LG and ZTE are interested in the platform, but nothing concrete.

This announcement from Polar could be an indication that Intel might be gearing up — or at least lobbying OEMs — for something more.