Google Street View Cameras Halted In India


Credit: Corbis / Julian Stratenschulte

Google’s now infamous Street View camera cars only set to work on the streets of Bangalore last month, but already Indian authorities have ordered Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to suspend taking images because it has not secured the necessary security clearance.

Google has said that after Bangalore, it plans to map all major cities in India – the 27th country in which the firm plans to launch Street View. As well as cars, Google had been using some tricycles with Street View’s chunky camera equipment attached.

Local police were concerned that Bangalore has several military institutions, and a statement given by Google to the AFP confirmed that Google had suspended the operation following a letter from Bangalore’s police commissioner.

Street View concerns in developing countries are significantly different to obstacles Google has hit recently in Germany and Switzerland, which were about privacy and data retention. Street View Brazil reportedly snapped dead bodies, while in India there are also sensitivities in the wake of the Mumbai attacks and from several bombings in Bangalore itself.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.



This is a great news but Google should also take care on its privacy and other aspects so that people don’t get trouble from this development. Its may be possible that some people take wrong advantage of this services. So it is also necessary  for Google to keep deep eye watch on use of this application.

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google is every where it make people life so easy n comfortable maps in cars called navigators.. a great achivments.. because of this all roads are known… thnx google –

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