Updated: Netflix goes offline, comes back up

Updated. Netflix, the popular online video service seems to be having an outage of some sorts. For past hour or so, I have been trying to access the service but I have been unable to watch it on my iPad or on my Apple TV. It is about 8:40 PT.  Does anyone know what is going on? (We have reached out to Netflix and will update the post accordingly.)

Their website has the following message:

Update 8:55 PT A reader points out that movies.netflix.com is working and I am testing it out — it seems to be working but the iPad app and Apple TV are not working. It is working on the iPhone.

Update 9:30 PT www.netflix.com is redirecting to movies.netflix.com, and viewers are able to log in. Also, the iPad app appears to be working and readers report that Roku is now working as well.


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