The final piece of Zynga’s Z Cloud revealed

Zynga has been releasing details about its innovative hybrid cloud deployment –called Z Cloud — over the past year, and it has finally revealed the final piece of the puzzle. Namely, that the private cloud component of its infrastructure was built using’s CloudStack software. Anyone interested in replicating Zynga’s cloud success now has the three major building blocks, at least, laid out before them.

Zynga cloud strategy, as detailed here last June, entails staging and launching new games on Amazon EC2 (s amzn) and subsequently moving them onto a private cloud once demand reaches a relatively static level. It mentioned RightScale at the time, but it wasn’t until recently that we learned how, exactly, RightScale fits into the picture. Essentially, RightScale provides the management interface for both Zynga’spublic EC2 resources and private resources, allowing Zynga to easily migrate games from Amazon to using the same configuration templates. It’s as easy (relatively speaking, of course) as launching the same exact¬†application architecture¬†in the private cloud without having to rebuild it from scratch.

It wasn’t until this week, however, that either Zynga or had publicly acknowledged their relationship — and they only did it via a logo on the customer window of’s home page. This is two big simultaneous customer “announcements” for, which I reported yesterday also is the foundation of GoDaddy’s forthcoming cloud computing offering.