Google to America: Get Online

Google (s goog) makes no bones about the fact that it is a speed freak. It loves speedy websites and punishes those with slow websites. It wants faster wireless Internet. And with the recent launch of its gigabit to the home broadband program in Kansas City, Kan., the company has made it clearer: When it comes to broadband, faster is just better. Of course, that move disappointed a whole lot of people, including our own Stacey Higginbotham, who has been praying for better broadband in Austin, Texas.

Friday morning, Domain Name Wire, a blog dedicated to the domain name industry, reported that Google has registered more than 100 domains such as Alaska Get Online, Get Alaska Online, Get Online Alaska. The search giant has registered domain names for other states such as Alabama, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota, Arkansas, Arizona and so on. It also grabbed There may be more.

“Although it’s not clear if Google is the registrant, a company that registers domains for Google also registered at the same time,” Domain Name Wire reports.

Does this mean Google is going to start fiber broadband services in these states? I wish, but it’s not going to happen. I’m betting this is just another way for the company to start lobbying politicians and pushing for faster Internet across America. After all, the faster America gets online, the more it needs to use search to find something, anything. And that can’t be bad for Google.