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Dragontape brings video mixtapes to the iPhone

Dragontape, which enables web and iPad users to create playlists of videos and songs from YouTube (s GOOG) and SoundCloud and share them with friends, released an iPhone app with the same functionality this week.

The iPhone app, like the iPad app, is designed to let users make “mixtapes” of their favorite songs or videos, complete with an easy-to-use search interface. With drag-and-drop functionality, they can add videos media they’ve searched for to a playlists and mix and match where that media shows up in the mix. Users can add fade effects in between songs or videos to smooth transitions between projects.

Once a mixtape has been created, users can share those mixes with friends through Facebook or Twitter accounts, as well as by email. Users can also give their friends and contacts the ability to collaborate and remix their compilations. While the app focuses mainly on creation of their own mixes, users can also navigate a number of “popular” mixes or “staff picks” created by other users, and favorite them to watch later.

Releasing an iPhone app not only increases the flexibility with which users can access their mixtapes — in its press release, Dragontape suggests they can now use the app as a way to listen to mixes on the go, while the iPhone is in their pockets — but it also opens up a whole new potential user base for the app maker. While Apple (s AAPL) has sold 25 million iPads over the past year or so, it sold more than 200 million iOS devices in total.

For now, the iPad and iPhone apps are free, but the company has said that it could start charging in the future. The press release notes that the app is free “for a limited time,” but hasn’t provided any detail on when it might start charging for its mixtape capabilities.

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