Vlix gets more social and adds effects

The list of video-sharing apps in the Apple App Store (s aapl) continues to grow, with a number of startups all seeking to become the “Instagram of video.” In its efforts to increase social engagement on its own app, Spotmixer, the company behind Vlix, has improved on a number of social features within the app.

We wrote about Vlix a few months ago when it first launched. Since then, Spotmixer has been working on adding new features to enable easier navigation and sharing of posted videos, as well as tighter controls to ensure users only share videos with people they want to share them with.

The biggest change to the app comes with the ability to follow other users and browse videos posted by those users. By clicking on a user’s name, you can now browse all the videos that user has posted, as well as view all of that user’s followers and people the user is following. While the vast majority of Vlix users are creators who use the app for editing, adding effects and sharing, the app maker hopes that adding the ability to explore the social graphs of users will increase the amount of video consumption that happens within the app.

To that end, Vlix has also added the ability to “re-post” a video to one’s own feed. Following the Twitter and Tumblr model for sharing the work of others within one’s social feed, the re-post feature is designed to allow users to make videos “go viral” within the Vlix community.

While improving the ability to drill down into social connections and share videos within the community, Vlix also clarified its privacy controls to ensure users share videos with the right contacts. The update gives users the ability to share not only with all of one’s followers, but with a private feed of followers specifically marked as friends.

Finally, the app has added new effects to its roster. For users who enjoy the Instagram-like ability to edit down and spruce up their videos, the addition of twinkling stars and the ability to zoom in on videos from within the app have been added to an already impressive list of effects that include black and white, fast forward and old film filters.