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Two Weeks Into Kindle Sunshine Deals Promo, Higher-Priced E-books Rebound

With just one day remaining in the Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle “Sunshine Deals” promotion, which deeply discounted 650 e-books to $2.99 or less in collaboration with their publishers, it appears that the highest-priced e-books on the Kindle top 100 bestseller list (over $10) have rebounded, but Sunshine Deals has cut into the sales of e-books priced between $3.99 and $7.99.

eBook Market View has a new chart showing the average price of the Kindle bestsellers over the past seven months. You can see a marked drop in average price following Sunshine Deals’ launch, followed by a rebound about a week in:

Again, it’s the improved sales of the highest-priced e-books that are bringing the average price of the bestsellers back up. E-books priced over $10 made up 35 percent of the list when Sunshine Deals began on June 1, fell to a low of 26 percent on June 9, and are now back at 34 percent. Meanwhile, the Sunshine Deals books are still holding their own: Books priced under $3 made up 31 percent of the list on June 1 reached a high of 49 percent on June 9, and now make up 38 percent of the list. (Keep in mind that some of the bestselling Kindle books under $3 are not part of the Sunshine Deals promotion.)

E-books priced between $3.99 and $7.99 made up 18 percent of the list at the start of the promotion and are now just 10 percent, suggesting that Sunshine Deals cut into the sales of those books the most.

E-books offered under the Sunshine Deals promotion make up a tiny percentage of the over 950,000 books sold in the Kindle store. But Dan Lubart, the author of eBook Market View, thinks the bestseller list data is a positive sign for experiments with e-book pricing: Lower prices entice people to buy, but at the same time, “the segment buying high-priced e-books, despite lots of outcry against such pricing, has proved resilient and returned to these books after dipping their toes into the less expensive end of the market.”

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  1. Betsy Lampe

    Hi Betsy,
    I’ve been doing some researching, and it seems that the average Kindle book is going for around $10.  That’s pretty consistent with what I’m seeing on Amazon.  Smiles,