Sleep with your iPhone? Now you can make it cuddly.


Oh Kickstarter, thank you very much for making this possible. That thing you see in the image above is “the first mobile plush for iPhone and iPod touch.” It’s a stuffed owl called Swoop (because why not?), and you put your iPhone or iPod touch in a transparent and touch-friendly pouch in its gut, thus making it much more enjoyable to hug and cuddle your Apple mobile device.

The Swoop project is said to be “great for kids” on the product’s official website, but it might appeal to adults, too, since apparently a whole lot of us sleep with our devices anyway. This just means you can keep it even closer, and in fact even rest your face against it so that you never have to worry about missing a late-night email again.

Swoop isn’t a reality just yet. The project’s creators still have a ways to go before they meet their modest $7,500 goal. A $25 pledge on Kickstarter qualifies as a pre-order, so if you feel like the only thing your iPhone is missing is slightly softer edges, this might be the project for you.


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