VIDEO: eBay building energy efficient, cleaner data centers, too

While Facebook, Google (s GOOG) and Yahoo (s YHOO) have been pretty vocal about their green data center designs, turns out eBay’s (s EBAY) been innovating around reducing the energy consumption of its data centers, and also looking into how to source clean power for them, too. eBay’s Senior Director for Global Foundation Services, Dean Nelson, gave a presentation at Google’s green data center summit last month, and detailed eBay’s best practices for reducing the energy consumption for its specific web services and facilities. That includes turning to data base tools like Hadoop, and enabling the data center to act like “both a Prius and a Ferrari,” says Nelson, when it comes to energy consumption.

Interestingly enough, Nelson also points out at the end of the talk that eBay (like Google) has been talking to local governments and utilities near its data centers in Utah, Las Vegas and Arizona, for how to incorporate more clean power into its data center electricity supply. So Google isn’t the only one!