Evernote releases an app for your iPad’s Smart Cover


In a clever twist, Evernote introduced a new app Wednesday that does something cool using not only the iPad 2 (s aapl), but also one of its constant companions. Evernote Peek works with the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover, using the magnetic screen protector to hide information as well as your screen.

Peek is a question and answer app that’s designed to help people study and learn new things. It works like a series of flashcards, but with the help of the Smart Cover, it makes the process both easier and more fun. The app works by revealing a one line clue or question when you lift just the edge of the iPad Smart Cover. Once you lift the cover entirely, the answer is revealed. Close the cover and it advances to the next question automatically. Evernote ships a sample sushi quiz with the app, that gives you the English name of a type of fish, and then provides the Japanese name as the answer.

You can create your own quizzes based on your Evernote notebooks right from within the app (though you’ll need an Evernote account, of course), and you can also get additional content from StudyBlue, a company that partners with Evernote to bring notebook content to flashcard apps. Evernote recently announced it had hit the 10 million user mark, so there should be lots of people with notebooks ready to take advantage of Peek.

The app is free, and fun to use even if you’re not studying with any particular goal in mind, and the way it uses the Smart Cover is amazing. Making apps that use accessories and outside devices for core functionality is a big risk, but Apple pushes the Smart Cover very hard with the iPad 2, so it’s probably the best choice if you’re going to pick a secondary device to work with.

Anyone have any other ideas about how the Smart Cover might benefit from app integration?

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