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iTunes 10.3 beta now available, with a touch of iCloud

The iTunes 10.3 (s aapl) beta is now available for download by any and all from Apple’s official site, bringing with it support for some basic iCloud functionality. Specifically, consumers will be able to view and download any past purchases they have made through the iTunes store.

You can access your purchase history through a link on the iTunes store main page, which brings you to a list of all your previously purchased apps, books and music (no sign of movies or TV shows yet, and music is U.S. only at the moment). As with the iOS purchase history sections, you can alternate between a total list of all the content you’ve ever bought with your iTunes account, and only those items that aren’t in the library on the computer you’re browsing from. Downloading an item is as easy as hitting the cloud icon, and you can download all items at once with a button at the bottom.

iTunes 10.3 also brings support for the iBookstore, which has previously only been available on iOS devices. You can now buy e-books from iTunes, and then sync those purchases back to your devices or transfer them over-the-air.

Finally, you can also now enable Automatic Downloads on your Mac or PC with iTunes 10.3. So if you buy content on your iPhone, it will automatically be detected and download on your computer, too. That should take some of the sting out of syncing devices, where app transfers back and forth can take a huge amount of time.

iTunes 10.3 is available free for all Mac and PC users, so long as you’re running OS X 10.5 or later, or Windows XP SP 2 (s msft) or later. Check it out and let us know what you think of the changes.

4 Responses to “iTunes 10.3 beta now available, with a touch of iCloud”

  1. Bernie

    I downloaded the latest 10.3 of iTunes and the latest iBooks 1.3 on my iPad. I set both machines to automatically download. I purchased a book in iTunes on the Mac that was over 20MB in size that downloaded nicely, but when I looked on my iPad (which is set to automatically download) it said it couldn’t download anything over 20MB and connect to iTunes or WiFi.

    So I connected to iTunes and the book was installed into iBooks on my iPad, but since then the iPad repeatedly pops up the message that the download request is over 20MB and I should connect to WiFi. How DUMB, it still wants to automatically download a book it already has.

    P.S. How dumb is that 20MB limit? My home broadband connection is via 3G on a 3G Modem/WiFi Router because I live in the country and it is the only way to get broadband. My iPad uses the same 3G broadband supplier, yet Apple is stubborn and tells me to use WiFi for stuff over 20MB ???? Who is this helping? Not Me and it makes no difference to my ISP as it still gets a connection request from a 3G modem. REALLY, REALLY DUMB APPLE.

  2. Keith

    You can download the software, but unless you live in the US you can’t use the music cloud beta.

    And the read-me did speak: “iTunes in the Cloud beta is available starting in the United States”.