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What Yahoo Wishes You Knew About Yahoo

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In one of his first interviews after seven months spent learning the business from the “inside out,” Levinsohn talked to paidContent about Yahoo’s underestimated value as a content company, Carol Bartz as CEO, potential M&A activity, and more. Excerpts from the interview are on

Yahoo’s #1 Verticals

Yahoo Video

Yahoo Blogs

Yahoo is the #1 site in the U.S. with 187 million users (more than Google, Facebook and AOL).

23 million streams in April

More than 57 million U.S. users read Yahoo blogs (more than the Huffington Post)

Finance has 43 million users (23 million more than #2 Dow Jones).

Yahoo has 9 of the top 10 original video programs online (more users than Hulu).

They generate over 1.2 billion pageviews on Oscars content experience

News has 88 million users (12 million more than #2 CNN).

Yahoo produces an average 20 original programs per month.

Sports blogs generated over 1 billion pageviews in Q1

Sports has 46 million users (6 million more than #2 ESPN).

Primetime in No Time has over 500 million streams.

There were 3 billion clicks on the Today module on Yahoo’s homepage in Q1

Entertainment has 29 million users (14 million more than #2 TMZ).

Daily Ticker has more than 3 million viewers per month — more than every CNBC business show (except Mad Money).

Source: Internal and comScore data provided by Yahoo
Produced by: Amanda Natividad
Edited by: Staci D. Kramer
Published: June 6, 2011