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Apple Says Over 130 Million E-Books Downloaded, Up 30 Percent Since March

At WWDC today, Steve Jobs announced that over 130 million e-books have been downloaded from Apple’s iBookstore. That’s an increase of 30 million since March, when Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) last provided download figures.

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) does not release figures on how many e-books have been downloaded from the Kindle Store, but here are some statistics that help put Apple’s 130 million figure in perspective:

-Amazon recently announced announce last month that it is now selling more e-books than print books–105 e-books sold for every 100 print books.
-Also in March, Random House announced that all 17,000 of its e-books would be available through the iBookstore.
-It’s generally believed that the Kindle’s market share for e-books is at 60 to 65 percent, while Apple’s hovers around 10 percent.
-Apple’s iBookstore carries over 200,000 titles, and the Kindle store has over 950,000 titles.
-The 130 million figure provided by Apple does not differentiate between free and paid e-book downloads.