Amazon’s Sunshine Deals Is Already Shaking Up The Kindle Bestseller List


Credit: Amazon’s Kindle Sunshine Deals promotion, which deeply discounted 650 e-books in collaboration with their publishers, is only a week old — but already it seems to be having a demonstrable impact on the sales of some of those titles.

eBook Market View has a chart showing the average price of the most popular Kindle over the last seven months. You can clearly see a drop over the last week.

Sunshine Deals, which runs for two weeks, puts 650 books at $0.99, $1.99 and $2.99–before the promotion, many of those books had been selling for over $10. Before the promotion began, the average price of a book on the top 100 bestselling Kindle titles was $7.75. In the first three days of the sale, it dropped 17 percent to $6.43.

Dan Lubart, eBook Market View’s author, tracks the titles on e-book bestseller lists by “band.” Band 1 consists of “super-discounted” books, priced at $0 to $2.99. Band 2 consists of “discounted” e-books, $3 to $7.99. Band 3 consists of “value” e-books, $8 to $9.99. Band 4 consists of “premium” e-books, priced $10 and up. Dan found that between June 1 and June 4, the number of “super-discounted” books on the Kindle bestseller list rose from 31 to 47, an increase of 52 percent.

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