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Clearleap Takes Cable TV iPad Apps Into the Cloud

Duluth, Ga.-based IPTV startup Clearleap has worked hard over the past few years to deliver online video offerings into traditional cable video-on-demand systems, as well as making traditional VOD offerings available online and on IP-connected set-top boxes. Now it’s taking IP-based delivery of cable content one step further by unveiling a new feature that will let cable operators quickly and easily deploy iPad (s AAPL) apps.

The iPad functionality is an extension of Clearleap’s existing Stream On Demand solution, which enables traditional pay TV providers to introduce TV Everywhere-type online video services to their subscribers. In addition to PC streaming, Clearleap has also announced partnerships with Pace to add IP capabilities to its hybrid set-top boxes, Roku to bring cable VOD services to its broadband streaming devices, and RCDb, which will enable customers to stream online video services through traditional Blu-ray players.

By deploying most of the necessary technology from the cloud, Clearleap enables customers to turn up new online services and update them with additional features without having to iterate on multiple devices. According to CTO John Carlucci, Clearleap hopes to add support for additional devices like connected TVs soon.

With flexible APIs, those customers can also now create and release full-featured iPad apps. Just as it does on other devices, Clearleap will continue to manage all the provisioning, billing, authentication and security for iPad apps using its platform, enabling developers from pay TV providers to focus on building the user experience. Those developers can also use Clearleap’s APIs to add enhanced personalization, search and discovery features across multiple devices.

While massive pay TV providers like Comcast, (s CMCSA) Time Warner Cable (s TWC) and Dish Network (s DISH) have the resources to build their own TV Everywhere experiences and extend them to devices like connected TVs and tablets like the iPad, not all operators are so lucky. As a result, Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators are turning to outsourced solutions in an effort to compete with the bigger operators.

Check out Clearleap VP of BizDev Peter Ansel speaking at NewTeeVee Live 2010 below: