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Share and Share Alike: BBC iPlayer Gets More Social

The BBC is adding new ways for iPlayer viewers to share what they’re watching with their friends and social networks, with a new share button. In a blog post Thursday, the BBC revealed that in addition to standard networks like Facebook and Twitter, iPlayer users can now send videos to Delicious, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

The BBC iPlayer first added social sharing last September, initially hooking into Twitter and Facebook at the same time it expanded the number of connected devices it could be found on. But by adding sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit, the BBC shows proves that even in video, Twitter and Facebook aren’t everything.

Online video providers are increasingly seeking new ways to allow viewers to promote the videos they’re watching with friends, in an effort to keep driving up the number of video views. While it’s been incredibly popular for viewers tuning into short-form and user-generated clips, social discovery is also being used by professional content providers as a way to boost traffic.

The addition also comes as sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon have focused on providing video recommendations in addition to text links. The former launched Reddit TV a few years ago to improve viewing videos on the site. And StumbleUpon created a Pandora-like service last year for discovering videos through its service.

The ease with which users can share and see what their friends are watching could be one reason why the iPlayer continues to post record numbers for video requests from its viewers month-after-month. Adding more social distribution outlets — and therefore increasing the number of discovery outlets — could grow its viewership even further.

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  1. David C

    Umm, is this really a story? Most sites have been using, for years now. And they are also only permalinking and not allowing embedding of the player.