Comparing The Latest E-Readers — Our Chart

This year has been a busy one for e-readers. Just in the last five months, four new devices have been announced, including two last week. Prices continue to drop — Kindle With Special Offers came out at $114 — and new features are being added. The Kobo, Nook and Kindle all have social-networking options, for example, and wth the exception of Sony’s devices, WiFi is now standard on e-readers. Given all this activity, it seemed a good time to update our popular e-reader chart, which compares prices and features across the devices.

One note: You’ll notice that the iPad isn’t in this version of the chart: We’ve decided that, with the introduction of so many new tablets over the past year, they deserve a chart of their own, so that is forthcoming. We left the Nook Color in, though: While it has a few tablet-like features, it lacks a real web browser and is really still an e-reader, albeit a bright and colorful one.

If you have ideas for changes to this chart — or for things you’d like to see in our tablets chart — please let us know.

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