Minutes.io Makes Taking and Sharing Meeting Notes a Breeze


Minutes.io is a simple, well-designed web app that makes taking and distributing meeting minutes quick and painless — no more transcribing hasty jottings, or cobbling together minutes from typed notes. It’s free, and no sign-up is required in order to use it.

Minutes.io effectively provides a templated online document for storing meeting notes. At the top of the page, you can enter a name for the meeting and (optionally) record its location, while the meeting time and date are recorded automatically. Below that is a field to record the minute taker, while other attendees are added beneath. Most of the page is taken up by space for the minutes of the meeting. Each item is recorded on a new line., and the minute taker can select the type of minute that’s being recorded in a drop-down box (a choice of TODO, OKAY, INFO or IDEA), a description, its owner(s) and, optionally, a due date. The app supports keyboard shortcuts, which is useful for speedily recording notes in fast-moving meetings.

Once the meeting is done, the minutes are then available online, and can be shared with participants and other stakeholders via email. There’s also an option for printing them out. You don’t need to sign-in to use the app; it uses the browser’s local storage to keep track of previously taken minutes, too.

Compared to fancier collaborative meeting apps like yaM (see my review here), minutes.io doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking; you could accomplish much the same kind of thing using a document template in Google Docs (s goog), for example. But minutes.io’s simplicity makes note-taking easy and fast, its structure should encourage users to record useful minutes, and its output is well presented and easy to understand. Recommended.



It is really a great tool. You can start using it right away, because it is actually really simplistic. But if you also require more functions for meeting organisation you should check out agreedo.com. It is also easy to understand and provides more features.

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