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Say Hello to the First 10 ER Accelerator Startups

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable has announced the first 10 companies to participate in its startup incubator program. The New York City-based ER Accelerator program, which runs from June through August, gives those companies some startup capital, as well as free office space and access to a number of mentors.

The ER Accelerator inaugural class boasts a good mix of consumer-facing and enterprise applications, as well as a few built for charitable causes and government agencies. Participating companies range from Nabfly, which is billed as a “mobile tagging platform that lets people scan posters with their phones and engage with a brand through a native application,” to Pricing Engine, a business intelligence service for digital marketers.

Participating ER Accelerator companies include:

The ER Accelerator program, which was announced earlier this year, adds another startup incubator option in New York City, which is fast becoming an innovation hub for startups. It joins TechStarsDreamit Ventures and locally based NYC SeedStart in the startup incubation race in New York City.

The program will give participating companies $25,000 and free office space overlooking Times Square for three months. Those startups will also receive free legal, administrative and development support and will have access to more than 180 mentors, including folks like Fred Wilson, Brian Cohen, David Pakman and others. In exchange, the program takes an 8-percent stake in all participating companies.

2 Responses to “Say Hello to the First 10 ER Accelerator Startups”

  1. This sounds nice but even with free office space for all of three months, a startup is going to burn through that $25K pretty fast. Then what happens?

    The first question with offers like this should always be, “what’s the catch?” The answer is a whopping 8% of the equity. That’s a huge slice of the pie for some pocket change, free desk space that will evaporate in the blink of an eye, and the opportunity to buttonhole a bigwig occassionally.

    Accelerators/incubators were a disaster back in the late 90s, so I’m not yet convinced that ver. 2.0 is going to work.

    However, I do hope it works out for the entrepreneurs.

    • If the entrepreneur has a solid business idea the burn rate doesn’t have to be that bad and the summer opportunity could be awesome. I’m trying to get this type of an arrangement in Tampa Bay – anyone like the beach instead of the city?