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Nissan LEAF Ad: If Gas Powered Everything

Nissan has already created some pretty compelling ads plugging its all-electric car the LEAF — who could forget the hugging polar bear. But Nissan’s got a newer one out that is one of the more interesting I’ve seen, focused on a world in which gas powers everything, instead of electricity. Gas-powered hair dryers, gas-powered MP3 players, even gas-powered dentist drills (scary). Give the video a watch and let us know what you think.

11 Responses to “Nissan LEAF Ad: If Gas Powered Everything”

  1. Finally an article on these stupid commercials.

    Apparently since sales have crapped on these cars(after a blockbuster opening weekend(major sarcasm).
    They have to try to drum up business for a 30-40k car that gets a total of 30-50 miles(this based on reports of real world users), and the just dies. Then you have to wait to charge it up again, if you can, and don’t have to be towed.
    Of course it takes a couple hours(4-8) on the outlet to get enough charge to go again. So if you don’t charge nightly, you’re pretty screwed.
    And the CO2 is the least of our worries with these things.
    Has anybody figured out what to do with the LIo batteries yet?
    And since these cars are basically for in town usage, why not just get a bike and saddle bags. Or a ford escort, or any of a number of hybrids.
    Heck you’ll have less out of pocket.
    Unless you have a lot of money to waste, these cars don’t make sense, even for an in town commuter.
    i mean seriously i’m going to shell out 30k for a car, then when i want to go out of town i have to rent a car.
    SO effectively i have to have two cars. one to drive to work, and one to drive everywhere else.
    Makes a lot of sense to me(not).
    I’ll take the three to five year old(or in my case 17 year old) car that costs less than 3 grand. And pocket the difference. Heck over the average 5 year payment plane that’s 2 cheap cars a year.
    Or one and a heck of a lot of gas.
    Reality sux. Until these cars can go 200-300 miles on a single charge, cost less than 10k and actually look like something other than a ford escort they are nothing more than a status symbol of the rich elite(or would that be effete) snob eco freaks.
    Also, has anybody seen what it costs to repair one that is involved in an accident. Haven’t yet either.
    Hate to see the remnants of impact with an 18 wheeler. oh of course the problem is that these cars can’t even get on the interstate due to the lower speed max(the battery craps faster, much lower range, at other than 25-35 miles an hour).
    And i love how the guy at the end has a charging station right there.
    Hey great idea, how long before the local bums start unpluging super stupid and using it during the winter to plug a heater into. Didn’t think about that one.
    And who is paying for that charging station?
    The owner, or the government(california anyone).
    and then what happens when the local punks start breaking it every other day.
    Oh that’s right only rich people can own one(due to the stupidly high price, and worthless performance).
    SO once again a product that without subsidies(or the company taking a loss on everyone, prius) they wouldn’t exist in the real world.
    just my two cents.
    (and dave really says sell the car).

  2. Stupid commercial. I was looking at a Pathfinder but it looks like you will treat your gas powered customers as second class citizens. How about a new commercial, “Coal Powered Everything”?

  3. Another comment about EVs: they are not actually pollution free. They simply shift atmospheric pollution from cars to electric power plants.

    • Gas power plants are about twice as efficient at turning gas into energy as a car engine is. So, while both involve pollution, a power plant creates more energy (and at most the same amount of pollution) than a car would for a given amount of gas.

  4. I think the ad is pretty silly. It doesn’t actually make any case for what should power cars. For myself, range anxiety is sufficient to keep me from buying a Leaf, and it’s probably sufficient for many other people as well. The Volt is all-electric for many commutes, while removing range anxiety from the equation.