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Mobile Lowdown 5-27-11: PC Angst; Android Roots; iPhone Screens; Ads

A look at some of the stories in mobile today: mobile devices are still hurting the PC market, Android enthusiasts have reason to cheer, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is said to be working on a screen that works with sunglasses, and some marketers believe the smartphone is as damaging to the TV ad as the DVR.

–PC builders cutting forecasts: Digitimes, which tracks the Taiwanese contract manufacturer market obsessively, says notebook PC sales are expected to grow less than 10 percent this year, lower than original forecasts and blamed on tablet/smartphone demand. [Digitimes]

–Android bootloaders: This likely only affects a fraction of Android users, but HTC confirmed it will keep the bootloaders on its Android phones unlocked, which makes it much easier for those interesting in “rooting” their phones–or gaining full control over the operating system–to do so. [HTC on Facebook]

–Sunglass-friendly iPhones: Apple has filed for a patent covering a touchscreen that could solve issues that wearers of polarized sunglasses have in viewing LCD screens on the iPhone and iPad. [Appleinsider]

–Attention not paid: A study from IPG Media and YuMe concluded that smartphones are nearly ubiquitous “companion media” to televisions, and when do people reach for their smartphones while watching TV? During the commercials. [AdAge]