ScaleXtreme Opens for Early Access

Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup ScaleXtreme‘s cloud-based server management service is now available for early access users. We covered the company in February when the final product was still being built, but it has come a long way since then.

Among the most exciting features of the early-access version, says ScaleXtreme Founder and CEO Nand Mulchandani, is the ability to perform the same operation across multiple machines in different clouds at the same time. Traditionally, said Mulchandani, administrators use shell scripts that require them to log in to each server individually. But with ScaleXtreme, administrators can select a script from their library and check the machines they want it to run on, regardless of whether those servers are located on premise or in one of many clouds that ScaleXtreme supports.

Mulchandani said potential users have also been very excited about ScaleXtreme’s version of an app store, which will let administrators upload their custom scripts to share with the community. The pricing and some other details are still being worked out, but he thinks it “will have a huge amount of utility” for administrators who have less experience managing cloud-based servers or moving from Windows to Linux.

Perhaps the best news for ScaleXtreme’s prospects, though, is the interest it has received from cloud computing providers and virtualization vendors that want to include the service as a feature for their customers. Mulchandani said he expects to close a couple of OEM deals within the next few months, which would put ScaleXtreme in front of partners’ customers as well as those users that ScaleXtreme attracts directly.

The company also won the Infrastructure category at last month’s Under the Radar conference, which highlights startups across the cloud computing ecosystem. We’ll highlight a number of cloud startups during the LaunchPad portion of our Structure 2011 conference, too. And although ScaleXtreme isn’t among them, there is no shortage of innovation.