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What’s In An App Name? The Most Popular Words And A Meteoric Rise For Birds

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With half a million apps and counting out there, and problems discovering the good ones, it’s likely that we are going to start to see some good, old-fashioned search optimization come into play around the most-popular terms. One analytics company has taken an early stab at this idea.

The Netherlands-based analysts at Distimo have done some word-crunching across apps from all the major app stores, and have come up with some findings on what words get used the most.

When you take out obvious words like “the,” “of,” and “by”, the top-25 list of words across 422,682 records come out like this:

But if you thought Android fragmentation was a problem, it has nothing on this: these words only make up little more than one percent of all app names, says Distimo. Not a great guide, then, for developers looking for the best words to snag casual searches.

More interesting, perhaps, is how specific words from the most popular apps are getting used with increasing frequency — presumably by developers hoping that users searching for, say, Angry Birds games will serendipitously stumble on their own humble apps. The rise of Birds in app names, since the launch of Rovio’s “Angry Birds” in December 2009, has been particularly large, outpacing the growth of the biggest app marketplace, Apple’s App Store, by quite some way: