Vidpresso Wants to Sync Your Videos and Presentations Online

Video-based presentations that are distributed for the web typically focus either on the speaker or the slides being shown, but very few applications do a good job of displaying both. But a new web app called Vidpresso could change that, by giving users a way to match up slide presentations with videos online.

Currently in a closed beta testing period, Vidpresso still has pretty bare-bones functionality. While it can pull in videos from YouTube (s GOOG) and Vimeo, (s IACI) as well as presentations stored on SlideShare, users who want to make their presentations public must manually enter the time stamp for when new slides pop up along the video. There’s certainly some work to be done, founder Randall Bennett admits, but he’s taking a “release early, release often” approach to adding features to the app, based on user feedback.

“Right now I’m much more focused on understanding what folks want and trying to create something that’s useful for people at a basic level, rather than building out a really robust feature set [and] charging for it,” Bennett wrote to us in an email. Features being worked on for the immediate future include support for more video- and document-sharing sites, such as Scribd, as well as the ability to let users upload their presentations directly to the site.

Bennett built a prototype of the application in his spare time, but now is getting help from two others. While not working on Vidpresso, Bennett is an account manager for video management and distribution firm Castfire. He formerly worked for live streaming company, where he worked with conferences and user groups that could have used a way to sync up presentation decks with their live streams.

The team has already tested out a live version of Vidpresso, but decided it made more sense to launch as an on-demand web application first to take advantage of the large amount of long-tail recorded video that is already available online. Since many groups already record their videos and post them online, the launch will allow them to add presentation slides after the fact.

In many ways, Vidpresso is similar to other online presentation sites such as Knoodle or Udemy, which allows users to create online video courses online. But while they are focused mainly on building educational and training courses, Bennett is hoping to create a more open, white-label model for Vidpresso users to build their own experiences. That includes conferences and user groups, but could extend out to other groups, such as podcast creators.

To see a Vidpresso presentation in action, you can check out this adorable video about a French bulldog and accompanying slides. Or to check out the service for yourself, you can use the following invite code for GigaOM readers: